Bunny Sagas: the early days

My stepsons( Fester and Guido) are doing rabbits for 4H this year ( and the next few), so we find ourselves with a household full of bunnies. The boys chose polish, a nice mid sized rabbit breed and each have a buck and a doe. We will not let them mate quite yet, so there will be no bitty babies until next spring. And before you get too amazed, these are 4H rabbits and some of them will eventually end up as the breed originated- as food. Sam decided to invest some of her saved allowance money and bought a mini-lop. Now, don’t let the “mini” in that name fool you. This one comes from a line that get to 6 or 7 pounds easily and “Hollywood” is likely to end up as large as the cats.

The bunnies are completely silly to watch and handle. Most of them ( except for Hollywood) fit well in the pockets on one pair of sweats that I own. These are big baggy over-sized sweats with patch pockets on each leg that Sam despises from a style perspective, but I have held onto for the comfort factor. This allows me to put a bunny in a pocket and still vacuum or do dishes or laundry. They will also sit for about 15 minutes in my lap while typing,before they get antsy and want to crawl up and explore the keyboard.

Latte is Fester’s doe and cleans her face just like a squirrel, while Hollywood is more cat like, taking turns with her paws. Both of the bucks, Fleck and Loco, love to do somersaults on the couch, and Veloz, Guido’s doe is insatiably curious, burrowing any where she can. Loco, Fester’s buck, wants to emulate the cats and managed to leap up to the back of the couch this morning, where Cuddles was sitting and pondering what looked like dinner on the couch.

The cats have been equally funny in this saga, they know they are not supposed to get the bunnies, the people are holding them and like them, but that natural urge to eat small furry things is strong and they sit and watch in an intensely predatory pose. The Oblivious bunnies just want to sniff out the cats and play with them, not understanding the potential danger lurking behind the twitching whiskers.

It is nearly impossible to hold/handle and photograph the bunnies at the same time, but the boys are up for a visit next weekend and I will shot some pictures and video to add to the Bunny Saga journal.