Plated Sunday Dinner 10, 07,2018

When Dave says “I am going to make a fancy dinner tonight”, there is no doubt it will not only taste good but will look great too. He is having a lot of fun lately plating dinners.

Since the meat tonight was MahiMahi, my plate showed up with a palm tree and a beach, and the fish “beached”. Now, most restaurants would consider that out of bounds, reminding people that that delicious filet came from a dead fish, but for us, it was perfect and hilarious.

This was my Greenbean and Honeydew melon palm tree.  The melon was an amazing compliment to the Mahi Mahi.  That salad has a handmade fresh pomegranate dressing….

Parboiled potatoes with mushrooms and onions.. I could only eat about half of them, but they were delicious.

A better shot of the salad.

The sky view… Palm tree on the beach.. and beached fish..

Perfect Meal for a Sunday.

Nick Graduates

The last of the kids graduated from High School.

It was Nick’s turn for some pomp and circumstance..

Happy Birthday Nick…

Today, our youngest turns 18.  We no longer have kids in the family.. it is a change for our family that is both exciting and mind blowing.

I am blessed to have watched Nick grow up into an amazing, confident, caring young man.   We have had a lot of adventures together, and I look forward to lots more.

Happy Birthday Nick!

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Saturday Morning  Sam competed in a Sprint Triathalon in Indy.  She finished stronger than she did when she ran a couple of years ago, and it was nice to hang with some of her friends who were there to cheer her on.

IMG_3026This was her coming in from the Bike- ( camera had turned off waiting for her to come in and was slow to boot… agggh.)

She came into the run smiling and not yet spent: IMG_3028 Her step brother on her Dad’s side was also competing, although he came out of the bike side by side with her, his run was a little faster and he finished a little ahead IMG_3027

She finished strong, and still had a smile on her face: FinishLine

They RFID tag the competitors to get times and mark each event shift, so there is the obligatory bracelet removal before the dash to water..    IMG_3038IMG_3040

How to make Art a Reality….

The last few months, our lives have been possessed by a unique partnership and a 18′ tall sculpture.

In case you have not seen the tweets, the facebook or G+ posts- or seen me with stain and paint embedded on my hands- we are now neck deep in The Infernal Device. This Art Prize entry is a unique partnership between three groups of artists- Todd Cahill, builder of the windmill, is based out of Massachusetts. Ogre and I are the builders/creators of the body of the Machine, and responsible for all of the structural, engineering bits. Myke Amend, Steampunk artist  extraordinare, is creating a 21 foot long mural on a 7 sided wooden “drum” that will rotate in the center of the sculpture. There are tons of pictures of the building of the machine/sculpture on the Infernal Device Facebook page.

After months of creative stretching and hard physical labor, we need your support. there are several things you can do to help make this an amazing success.

1. If you are in Grand Rapids, come out on Friday Sept 16 and help us move this pieces of the sculpture from the warehouse to the Gerald R Ford Museum, which will be our venue for the duration of Art Prize. We will need some extra hands both to load and to unload and do final assembly on site.  Drop me a note or comment if you are able and willing.

2. If you are within driving distance of Grand Rapids, come and vote for our entry. Ogre and I will be there in person Opening Weekend ( Sept 24- 25), but Myke Amend will be there every day. We are looking for volunteers to plan/organize some Steampunk parties or outings around the Device as well.  Votes that are entered between Sept 21- 28 will determine the Top 10 who are announced on Sept 29. We need as many votes as possible during that first week to continue in the contest.  You can register online to vote, but you must visit an Art Prize venue in person to vote. There is more information on the Art Prize Voting page.

3. If you want to support our entry and efforts, but are too far away to visit and vote, you can donate cash to help cover costs.  Between now and the end of ArtPrize, we will have 10 nights of Hotels ( many thanks to the Grand Rapids Radisson for an artist discount rate) , at least 3 rounds trips- some while hauling the trailer and  food enough for survival.  If we win, we will be able to recover material costs, but if we do not, we will have invested several thousands of dollars out of pocket on top of everything else. If you would like to see us continue to build cool art, consider dropping some cash in the hat. The best news is that we are sponsored by the Kokomo Art Association, so we are officially a 501(c)3 and all donations are tax deductible.

  •   We are set up on TweetDonate:  Just Tweet : “$XX TweetDonate to @roguepuppet”  and you will get an @ tweet to a donation link.  Be sure to put the amount in place of the XX. 
  •  Donate privately & securely via paypal.  (see the button above)
  • Send a check:   make it payable to Kokomo Art Association / in memo: for Infernal Device             

                       to: Infernal Device c/o Brauns 3385 Sycamore Lane, Kokomo IN 46901. 

Most importantly? Get out and enjoy some art- if you can not get to Art Prize, find your nearest gallery, museum or college exhibition. Take a few hours and let the art seep into your soul . 

Updated NOTE:  9/12 updated: working with some GR installers/distributors and the Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association… all great folks, and hoepful that by eod tomorrow something will work out.  Will update with the names of our helpers when it is finalized.  [that our Solar Panel Sponsor is NOT going to come through. I will have to buy solar panels ASAP. This is either $600 we are looking to raise, or accepting loaners. If you are a solar panel company and want free PR, we will borrow and give back, with option to buy if we win.]



All in the Family

Last Thursday I took both of my daughters up to see Dr. Bader at the NE Indiana Genetics Center. Sure enough, as I expected, they were both diagnosed EDS. They only had Bieten scores of 7. One of them has thumb hyper and not finger, the other has finger, but not thumb. Isn’t it odd how all of this sorts itself out in different bodies?
We sent off their blood for testing to see if they have the same genetic blip that I do.. but my biggest hope is that by being diagnosed while still in their late teens, they can make smarter choices and avoid some of the complications/challenges that have beset me in the last year.
We expect to get the blood test results back from my parents within a week ( they sent theirs in several weeks ago), but it will be July before we get the results back on the girls.

On a more positive note, this Thursday is my first trip up to see Dr Lavallee. While I am dreading the long early drive( especially since it looks like I may be making it alone), I am very excited about getting some more insights and some more treatment/prevention tips and tricks.

Travel and Events

I spent part of this week just planning and booking travel for the next month and a half. My life has hit fast forward and I am trying to catch up. I would still love to catch up with ya’ll, so if we are going to cross paths, please comment here or Twitter me. Here is what my travel schedule looks like for the next bit of the year

Oct 3-5 Bloomington Indiana and Brown County State Park – with the boys
Oct 10 – ( 11/12?) Lafayette,Indiana – Weekend of Debouchery and pre-birthday fun.
Oct 10 PM will be at the Neon Cactus. Holler out if you can come.
Oct 18- Lafayette, Indiana – Marching Band Regional competition
Oct 25- Indianapolis, Indiana– Marching Band Semi- State (assuming regional goes well)
Oct 30-Nov 2 McCormick’s Creek State Park— Wedding!!
Nov 7-9 Baltimore, Md ( Md. Wedding Reception)
Nov 17-21 Austin, TxSC08 conference
Nov 29 Winamac, In Northern Indiana Wedding Reception

It will all be fun, but I am getting tired already thinking of all the packing and unpacking. Speaking of which, I have to go pack for this weekend and then off to work.

My Integrated Life

My to do list for this week is a good indication of the strange and twisted integration of all the facets of my life. I have entered a time when there is no real separation of home, work and personal.

Here is what I need to get done this week:

Management approval of new IT_FMEA templates
Management agreement consensus across teams for Corporate Diagnostic and Traceability Use Case standards
Prep presenter for D&T Overview they are doing on my behalf next week
Build slide deck and do initial management presentation on Workplace of the Future
Complete ROMs for two international projects
Edit 2 chapters for MESA Lean Guidebook
Write my section of third chapter for MESA lean guidebook
Attend funeral Monday night
get stepsons haircuts ( wed afternoon)
get my haircut( friday night)
pack and organize family of 4 for week long vacation that starts Sat am
continue picking and freezing vegies as they come ripe
plant late summer veggies ( radishes, turnips, snow peas, spinach and lettuce)
get oil changed in my van
clean van for trip
laundry ( just a forever process in this household….)
Blog at least twice ( this counts as one at this rate….)
return library books
find Ogre a second pair of swim trunks to take to the ocean
three discovery meetings/workshops for Warranty analysis system requirements with the business.
get everyone here prepped for oldest daughter’s birthday which in sunday while we are on vacation.
pick up gift card for daughter my mom has requested
deep technical dive into possible new MOM application for corporate install.
review JCAPS to SAP integration and get up to speed on new MDM included with JCAPS released a month ago.
do next steps of organization/planning/promotion for GenCOn KickassKickoff party on Aug 13
do round two of graphical reviews for
catch up with my backlog of messages on

how does your week look??

The things my couch ate

The remote control for our TV had been missing for over 36 hours. Not the remote to the IPTV, or the remote to the DVD or the remote to the Raiku.. not even the remote to the iPod dock… but the one to the actual TV… the one that lets us switch between input signals, turn CC off and on, etc.. ( can you see why I have a Drawer for remotes alone?)

We had looked in all the obvious places… under the couch cushions, under the couch, in the kitchen, in my younger daughter’s bedroom ( she walks off with things in her hands all the time),downstairs by the other tv, in the laundry room, in the kitchen by the phone.

No luck, no remote.

Finally frustrated, the thought occurred to me that maybe the remote had not merely fallen under the cushions but down “inside” the couch.. in that odd space that pinches your hand if you remove the cushions, squish down the springs and stick your hand in “under” the back of the couch.

Sure enough, I pulled out the missing remote. In addition to some gigantic dustbunnies and odd crumbs, I also pulled out the following:

1 telephone handset, missing for about 10 days. Battery dead. ( sitting on charger now)
1 remote control to the boombox in the basement
1 telephone handset to the OLD phone system we had about 2 years ago… other pieces long gone
5 pencils
2 pens
1 pen style DS stylus
6 cents
a plastic frog dog toy ( dog long gone)
a squishy rubber toy worm
1 brush
1 pair socks
1 small fabric bag
1 hair clip ( eldest daughter’s)
GBA Pokemon Sapphire game

Apparently, I need to remove the couch cushions and reach deep into the couch about once a week to find what new things it has eaten…..