You said a catapult right?? (at SHAK Makerspace)

I am full of Sh!t

Warning: This is a TMI post.
Turn away now if discussions of bodily functions make you a bit squeamish, or you just don’t want to know. 😉

I am currently recovering from the Stomach Flu. It set in early evening on Sunday and by Sunday night, I was full on Puking up my Guts. Not a casual “oh my, I think I may vomit” sort of way, but a deep, wrenching – “god just take me now” can’t stop the dry heaves sort of way.

After 14 hours of that, I can guarantee that there was NOTHING in my stomach or above…

After that, we proceeded to a goodly bit of messy diarrhea. It was NOT the worst that I have had , but it was a solid 3 hours of emptying of the intestines.

And yet, as things settled down, and I managed to keep down some ice chips and 6 saltines, I had yet another Bowel Movement. Of Normal Size.

Now where the frack did that come from?? Side effect of stretchy collagen ( which means stretchy GI track) Apparently I AM actually full of shit on a regular basis, without even knowing….

She’s a Super Geek

I recently had a good friend get on a roll with spoofed song lyrics.. and out of it came this one for me.

Super Geek ( to the tune of Super Freak)

She’s a very techie girl
The kind that always stays connected
She will never let your spirits down
Once you get her off the net, ow girl

She likes the boys on the blog
She says that I’m her all-time favorite
When I make my move to her chat it’s the right time
She’s never hard to please, ow now

That girl is pretty wild now
The girl’s a super geek
The kind of girl you read about
In Tech Crunch magazine
That girl is always techie
The girl’s a super geek
I really love to tweet her
Just before we meet
She’s on-line, she’s on-line
That girl’s on-line with me, yeah

She’s a super geek, super geek
She’s super-geeky, yow
(everybody sing)
Super geek, super geek

She’s a very Facebook girl
(The kind of girl you want to poke)
From her wall down to her profile
Down to her faves, yeah
And she’ll wait for me at Best Buy with her girlfriends
In a lime Hum-vee
(Going back in Cyber-space)

Games not a bore to her, she says
“Room 256, I’ll be waiting”
When I get there she’s got Ti-vo, Wii, and X box
It’s such a geeky scene

That girl is really techie
The girl’s a super geek
The kind of girl you read about
In Tech Crunch magazine
That girl is pretty wild now
The girl’s a super geek
I really love to tweet her
Just before we meet
She’s on-line, she’s on-line
That girl’s on-line with me, yeah

She’s a super geek, super geek
She’s super-geeky, yow
Rick Astley sing!
Super geek, super geek
That girl’s a super geek

She’s a very techie girl
The kind that always stays connected
She will never let your spirits down
Once you get her off the net

Blow, Sergey!
(sax solo)

  —- mp

When you can laugh at yourself? very sexy

1. Nathan Fillion is sexy
2. Serenity is great story telling
3. A sexy actor poking fun at his previous image? Makes we want to do all sorts of illicit pleasurable things for him…

I twittered the Hulu link earlier, but apparently outside the US can not view… so Here is a transcription attempt. It just wouldn’t fit in 140 chars.

It is the Halloween episode of Castle, where Mr. Fillion plays an eccentric mystery writer. Camera zooms in on him strapping on pistols, zooms on his crotch and a swoosh of his Serenity coat as he rounds a corner and pretends to take something in his gun sight. His daughter, sitting on a couch looks at him in mock amusement. He is in full out Serenity garb.

Daughter: Hey
Castle: Hey
Castle: I was… I was just trying on my Halloween costume
Daughter: what exactly are you supposed to be?
Castle: Space Cowboy
Daughter: OK, A there are no cows in space. Second, didn’t you wear that like 5 years ago?
Castle: So?
Daughter: So, don’t you think you should move on?
Castle: I like it ( slightly pouty)

I Laughed out loud.

Innovate or Adapt, but don’t Bastardize

The naming of towns and cities is an interesting thing. It is a hard thing to be truly innovative when naming a place, so names get re-purposed frequently. Sometimes towns are named after the place people came from (New York, New Jersey, etc..), sometimes they are named for famous people ( Maryland), and sometimes people seem to borrow names of famous places ( Paris, Tx). I really do not have anything against not being original and re-purposing names in this way, but if you are going to borrow a name, you can NOT just re-pronounce and think you invented something new. The midwest is rife with this practice and it is a small quiet pet peeve of mine. I may be smiling happily when you welcome me to your town, but it really does send a small little voice in my brain just screaming down the hall waving his hands over his head. Let me give you a few examples.

Just north of us there is the small town of Peru, In. That would be Pea-Roo, In thank you. Nice to have you visit. How about the small town south west of us, Russiaville, IN. Nice to have you visit us here is Rooshya-ville, IN. This is not just an Indiana thing- just yesterday I had a chance to visit the small town of Vienna, OH. Vye-enna, OH is full of friendly people.

What are we thinking? This does not make us look innovative or creative, it just makes us look unintelligent. Is this strictly a midwest phenomenon, or does it happen near you as well? I would love to hear yout tails of bastardized place names.

The things my couch ate

The remote control for our TV had been missing for over 36 hours. Not the remote to the IPTV, or the remote to the DVD or the remote to the Raiku.. not even the remote to the iPod dock… but the one to the actual TV… the one that lets us switch between input signals, turn CC off and on, etc.. ( can you see why I have a Drawer for remotes alone?)

We had looked in all the obvious places… under the couch cushions, under the couch, in the kitchen, in my younger daughter’s bedroom ( she walks off with things in her hands all the time),downstairs by the other tv, in the laundry room, in the kitchen by the phone.

No luck, no remote.

Finally frustrated, the thought occurred to me that maybe the remote had not merely fallen under the cushions but down “inside” the couch.. in that odd space that pinches your hand if you remove the cushions, squish down the springs and stick your hand in “under” the back of the couch.

Sure enough, I pulled out the missing remote. In addition to some gigantic dustbunnies and odd crumbs, I also pulled out the following:

1 telephone handset, missing for about 10 days. Battery dead. ( sitting on charger now)
1 remote control to the boombox in the basement
1 telephone handset to the OLD phone system we had about 2 years ago… other pieces long gone
5 pencils
2 pens
1 pen style DS stylus
6 cents
a plastic frog dog toy ( dog long gone)
a squishy rubber toy worm
1 brush
1 pair socks
1 small fabric bag
1 hair clip ( eldest daughter’s)
GBA Pokemon Sapphire game

Apparently, I need to remove the couch cushions and reach deep into the couch about once a week to find what new things it has eaten…..

The root of all cliches

Seen ( and almost run over by) today: A frosted Blonde in a H3 Hummer talking on a pink cell phone while driving- tears a left in front of me when I have the right of way so that she can pull up to the curb in front of the favorite local chinese restaurant and pick up take out.

I kid you not.

Who’s a llama?

I am supposed to be writing serious things.
Solution Architecture Documents ( yes, that is SAD, I did NOT name it) are waiting for my formalization.
An Essay on the advantages of simulation for small and mid sized manufacturers, with serious quotes from the Under Secretary of State.
Instead? Here is what is stuck in my brain:

Serious now.

llama, llama, llama, llama, duck. ( truck? jack?)
Maybe sleep instead?

What is your favorite Dr. Who Mashup?

Whoa! That’ll clear up sinuses

Tomorrow Sam starts back to school at a new school, so while we were folder and notebook shopping, I bought a bag of little bags of potato chips for lunches as a treat. They are awful, they are environmentally evil, I know all of this. I never buy them, but I was just in the mood to take the sting off this whole thing for her a little bit. And they have little bags of Fritos in them. I was craving a Frito so badly I could taste it, and it has easily been over a year since I have had one.
Eating the Fritos not only would have broken the diet in an evil way, they probably would have had me doubled over in pain, because of the fat content. I was resisting, but it was making me nuts. So I decided to chaw on a piece of a sourdough pretzel to ease the craving a bit. And we have this really yummy looking stone ground horseradish mustard in the fridge that Ogre bought for NYE… it seemed a logical thing to squirt and dip the pretzel, just to kill the deep flavor craving.
Oiy. This is good mustard, but this is NOT a dipping mustard. I never had a bite of pretzel that cleared my sinuses and made my eyes water before…
It did, however, successfully kill the craving for Fritos…now I am pondering the 20 minute power nap.