• Sea Splash

    This is a exciting textured necklace. Fluorite is said to aid focus. Amethyst traditionally encourages purity and marriage fidelity. The sea opal will cause your eyes and spirit to dance. Length 19 1/2" with a 2" extender
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  • Sky and Stars

    Some say that Lapis lazuli enables us to relax deep with ourselves and enkindle our true destiny and divine purpose. The whimsical star shaped, freshwater pearls further paint the illusion of motion of the ocean and stars. The red coral boosts self-esteem, by inspiring hope and garnering the energy and courage to take in overcoming anxiety and fear in our lives. Length: 24"  
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  • Sporty Aventurine and Blue Goldstone

    You can taste success wearing this necklace. It features a positive combination of green aventurine and blue goldstone. Aventurine is known to attract luck. It can even align conditions so that “opportunity” is inevitable. Blue goldstone enhances your success by increasing your ambition and drive. 18 1/2"
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  • Stars and Chains

    This is a handmade, one of a kind necklace. Whimsical stars hang among balls of blue sodalite and red garnet. Everything is tied together with hand twisted silver chain. Length: 29:"
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  • Tranquil Abalone with Gold Accents

    Feel the warm sea breeze when you where this lovely abalone necklace. Abalone are actually the shells of mollusks that are lined with mother of pearl.  You will feel tranquility and peace wearing it. Some say it can improve your ability to express your emotions with clarity. Encourage communication and cooperation with those around you. This necklace also contains a balance of gold plated accents. Wearing the color gold may help draw the energy of the Sun. This is said to bring success, prosperity, wealth, attention, enlightenment, and popularity.
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