• Fire Within Sea Opal Bracelet

    This simple sea opal bracelet will cause your eyes and spirit to dance. 6 1/2" stretch
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  • Hematite and Pearl Bracelet

    Grounding and calming, this is an excellent bracelet to wear for any occasion. Hematite is also magnetic, so show off your "magnetic personality"! 7" fixed
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  • Natural Bling Bracelet- Lapis and Crystal Quartz

    This lapis lazulis and crystal quartz bracelet provides natural bling and sophisticated contrast. Jane used high quality crystal quartz that catches the light beautifully. Crystal quartz is known as a stone that amplifies the spiritual properties of other stones. It can also connect the physical and spiritual worlds. Lapis Lazulis can bring peace
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  • Onyx, Hematite and Sterling Silver

    This is a sporty necklace made with hematite and black onyx. It is a spiritually balanced necklace. Hematite and black onyx are both known as powerful grounding stones. Grounding will give you confidence and keep your feet on the ground. Some say the color silver improves you intuition. The color silver may also bring you luck, especially of the gambling kind. 20"
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  • Rare Tri-color Imperial Jasper Bracelet

    This funky bracelet features rare tri-color jasper spinning inside of hollow silver plated rings.  The beads feature rich reds, greens and Blues. Jasper is known for its grounding properties and can be used as a protective stone. Silver is said to reflect evil away from the wearer. 7" with clasp
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  • Rose Quartz and Sodalite

    This handmade necklace is a pattern of pale pink rose quartz and light blue sodalite with silver-plated accents. In spite of it's delicate colors, this necklace will have you stand proud and strong. Sodalite has been called the Poet’s Stone, as well as the Stone of Truth. It is a stone for those who speak truth to power. Like Rose quartz it will enhance your self-esteem. Rose quartz is known as a stone of love for it's power to promote self confidence and self love.
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  • Rose Quartz Bling Bracelet

    Give her a simple statement of love. Some say that rose quartz is the stone of self love and self worth. 8" fixed
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