• Imperial Jasper Fan

    Feel tranquil and confident wearing this statement piece. Turquoise is a protective stone, strong and soothing to the touch and eyes.  Hematite is both a healing stone and a soothing stone that will bring clarity to your thoughts. The stunning fan is made of Imperial Jasper. This is a relatively rare stone is known for healing and calming properties. 18" with 2" extender
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  • Peaceful Spiral Bracelet

    The gorgeous blues and golds of chrysacolla both inspire and calm. It is known as a communication stone that is devoted to expression, empowerment and teaching. The spiral has long been a symbol of growth and evolution; good characteristics of any student or teacher.
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  • Simple and Sweet

    Feel calm and centered and look sweet in this little necklace of rice freshwater pearls and silver plated accents. You can almost feel the calm of a river or lake running through the necklace. The color silver is said to be excellent for self reflection. 17"
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