• Hematite Fan with Garnet

    Ground yourself in love. Hematite and Onyx are both said to be earth stones - grounding and protecting the wearer. The Garnet crystal is said to stimulate warmth and gentleness, unifying the creative forces of the self. On the spiritual path, it also helps open the heart to love. Length: 20"
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  • Rose Quartz Focal


    Love and confidence.

    This is truly a necklace making a statement of love and confidence. Some say that rose quartz is the stone of self love and self worth.  Pink tourmaline is said to be calming and joyful and may be used to draw love and joy to you. Garnet is perhaps best known as January's birthstone. Garnet is also said to attract love and passion and can be used to deepen commitment between two people.   Length: 21"  
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  • Stars and Chains

    This is a handmade, one of a kind necklace. Whimsical stars hang among balls of blue sodalite and red garnet. Everything is tied together with hand twisted silver chain. Length: 29:"
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  • Heartbeat

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