• Amethyst with Black Onyx Accents

    Amethyst is said to inspire fidelity. Onyx is known as a grounding stone that will root the wearer in reality. Length: 24"
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  • Dalmatian Joy

    Wear this necklace with a sense of joyful well-being, knowing you are sharp and grounded. Dalmatian agate is said to bring joy. The Dalmatian agate fortifies the spirit and encourages a sense of playfulness.  It especially benefits those of us who are over analytical. It reminds us to enjoy the physical joy of simply being. Dalmatian agate also has a grounding energy, supportive of family and loyalty. It is said to have a calming effect on children and animals. Length: 23 1/2"
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  • Rare Tri-color Imperial Jasper Bracelet

    This funky bracelet features rare tri-color jasper spinning inside of hollow silver plated rings.  The beads feature rich reds, greens and Blues. Jasper is known for its grounding properties and can be used as a protective stone. Silver is said to reflect evil away from the wearer. 7" with clasp
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