Lapis Lazuli

  • Azurite Fan

    Feel the mystical with this azurite fan. Azurite is said to awaken your intuitive self.  The blue and green tiger eyes add beats of calming energy. Length: 18" with an 1" extender
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  • Feeling Kinda Blue

    Dangle Sterling Silver Earrings with Lapis Lazuli and Aventurine beads.
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  • Peace on Earth Bracelet

    This bracelet speaks of peace. Chrysocolla emphasizes the power our words and actions have on those around us. It also encourages compassion and strengthening of character. Lapis Lazuli is a symbol of wisdom and deep truth. It too helps in communication. Precious Pebbles also introduces a magnetic clasp! This will make it easy to take the bracelet on and off.
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  • Peace on Earth Necklace

    You've got the world with this beautiful earth pendant on a beaded necklace of malachite, blue lapis and chrysacola.  Feel strength and peace of Gaia through the malachite and her oceans through the lapis and chrysacola. Length: 22"
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  • Sky and Stars

    Some say that Lapis lazuli enables us to relax deep with ourselves and enkindle our true destiny and divine purpose. The whimsical star shaped, freshwater pearls further paint the illusion of motion of the ocean and stars. The red coral boosts self-esteem, by inspiring hope and garnering the energy and courage to take in overcoming anxiety and fear in our lives. Length: 24"  
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