• Purple Pride Tigers Eye Spiral Bracelet

    Tiger’s Eye is thought to do everything from bring the wearer good fortune, as well as heightening their intuition.  It is thought to bring sharpness to the wearer’s inner vision and enhance their ability to see cause and effect connections. Purple is believed to enhance intuition, heightening the tiger’s eye stone’s metaphysical properties. The Spiral shape shows growth and development, always a good thing coupled with intuition. Wear this bracelet to heighten your own intuition, increase luck or just because it feels good!
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  • Sporty Aventurine and Blue Goldstone

    You can taste success wearing this necklace. It features a positive combination of green aventurine and blue goldstone. Aventurine is known to attract luck. It can even align conditions so that “opportunity” is inevitable. Blue goldstone enhances your success by increasing your ambition and drive. 18 1/2"
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