• Azurite Fan

    Feel the mystical with this azurite fan. Azurite is said to awaken your intuitive self.  The blue and green tiger eyes add beats of calming energy. Length: 18" with an 1" extender
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  • Malachite and Onyx with Sterling Silver Accents

    This sporty necklace of green malachite, black onyx, and sterling silver accents will keep you balanced. Silver is thought to enhance intuition and wisdom.  This balanced by the energy of the black onyx. Black onyx is said to be a strong grounding stone, planting your feet on the ground. Similarly, green malachite will connect you to the earth's energy and is also a good healing stone.
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  • Malachite with Mother of Pearl Accents

    Malachite is said to be a protective stone that will break in the face of impending danger. Mother of Pearl is a dreamy bead made from the inner layer of a mollusk's shell. This necklace has a balance of earthy green and dreamy iridescent white. Length: 21"
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  • Peace on Earth Necklace

    You've got the world with this beautiful earth pendant on a beaded necklace of malachite, blue lapis and chrysacola.  Feel strength and peace of Gaia through the malachite and her oceans through the lapis and chrysacola. Length: 22"
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  • Riverstone, Malachite, Blue Goldstone

    This is a nicely balanced necklace, both artistically and metaphysically.  Green malachite is known as a strong stone balanced between the properties of earth and water. It is further balanced in this necklace by blue goldstone -- which although it is manufactured -- is known as a stone of ambition. The color blue is connected to the element of air, balancing the earthy green malachite and fire of the metallic flecks within the goldstone.  It is all nicely set off by beads of tumbled riverstone. Goldstone is also known monkstone or monk's gold, referring to the urban legend that goldstone was created accidentally by Italian monks in the 1600s. However, archaeologists found a sample of a goldstone talisman in Iran dating to the 1100s.
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