• Malachite and Onyx with Sterling Silver Accents

    This sporty necklace of green malachite, black onyx, and sterling silver accents will keep you balanced. Silver is thought to enhance intuition and wisdom.  This balanced by the energy of the black onyx. Black onyx is said to be a strong grounding stone, planting your feet on the ground. Similarly, green malachite will connect you to the earth's energy and is also a good healing stone.
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  • Onyx, Hematite and Sterling Silver

    This is a sporty necklace made with hematite and black onyx. It is a spiritually balanced necklace. Hematite and black onyx are both known as powerful grounding stones. Grounding will give you confidence and keep your feet on the ground. Some say the color silver improves you intuition. The color silver may also bring you luck, especially of the gambling kind. 20"
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  • RiverStone and Multicolored Jasper

    Feel the power of the river in this sporty necklace of riverstone and earth toned jasper.  Spiritually this necklace is very balanced. Some say riverstone will improve your energy flow and bring you luck. You might use jasper for protection and to stay level-headed.
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  • Sporty Aventurine and Blue Goldstone

    You can taste success wearing this necklace. It features a positive combination of green aventurine and blue goldstone. Aventurine is known to attract luck. It can even align conditions so that “opportunity” is inevitable. Blue goldstone enhances your success by increasing your ambition and drive. 18 1/2"
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