Labradorite and SIlver Wire Pendant that is the inspiration piece for the Fiddlehead line

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That unbounded burst of energy and growth that brings growth in leaps and bounds.

The hope of youth who stretch and grow and shine in every direction..  forming themselves and the world around them into marvels we have yet to imagine.

I am honored to have crossing the paths of my life handfuls of such youth– and I delight in the marvels they dream up and create.   One of these is Emily.   Em does not hesitate to take on a new direction and continues to grow, learn, and now teaches others.   She is the inspiration for this piece–  complex and compressed with energy, but unfolding with grace. In this pendant, unexpected sparkles and shine pop up as you move it- like the lovely surprises youth brings.

Labradorite is known as a stone of change imparting strength and perseverance, something that all of us could use in these trying times.



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Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 in


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