The little girl stared at her in wide-eyed wonder.

Blue Tier Eye Stones with Sterling Silver Setting

As a blue-eyed blonde, she had gotten used to being stared at while traveling in the middle east. Too often it was a possessive stare, coveting her as something to be owned.

But today, this little girl had rushed up to her in the market and the excitement in her face was irresistible. It was as if she had just gotten in line to talk to Santa.

“Are you a Djinn!!??” the girl blurted out suddenly.
“Why do you ask?”
“Everyone knows that the Djinn are blue-eyed. I am really hungry, can I make a wish?”
“No need’, the blonde replied, “Djinn are magical, remember?”
She took the girl to a nearby stall and loaded her small basket with bread, quinoa, figs, and dates.
The little one gasped in amazement and skipped away calling
“Momma, the Djinn granted me a wish… see?!!”

You too can carry your own bit of magic with you, these blue tiger eye stones are set in sterling silver and make the perfect way to remind everyone that magic comes from within.