The Best Little Farmers’ Market

I am blessed to live in a town with a lively and thriving Farmers’ Market.  It is a source of healthy food, friendships, and growing businesses.  Today was the last day of the regular market for the 2018 season, and already I look forward to the Winter Market later this year.  Even though I am sometimes traveling or unable to make it to the market, it is my soul place- there are vendors there I have known for years and who know me as well when I show up at their booth.  

Cupcake from Lucky Lemon Bakery

I am always excited each year to see who the new vendors are, and revel in the bounty that comes out of their hard labors.   I appreciate each and every one of them so much.  And all the vendors never stop amazing me with their creativity and new experiments- where else could I find a brains cupcake? 

After shopping today, I took out the 360 camera and shot some video bites, so you could also share in the awesomeness that is the Kokomo Farmers’  Market.  Take each video for a literal spin and see what joy you can find at our Market.

That is Lindsay Fisher of Art and Animals with her Pals in the Little Sprouts Club Tent.

My local Farmer’s Market


In Kokomo, we are lucky to have a woman who is dedicated to and runs the local farmer’s market.

Part of the market is set aside for makers and artisans

There are two double sided aisles in the rest of the market, with offerings from organic meats to flowers for the table:

IMG_3419The market is family/kid friendly, pet friendly and  accessible.IMG_3420






I think one of the things that I love most about the market, is the feeling of community.



IMG_3418 I am not the only one, lots of people end up hanging out, talking to friends or family or people they have not seen “in forever”.

IMG_3417No one wants to shop and leave the market right away.  IMG_3430




Hanging at the Farmer’s Market generally makes me feel better about humanity whenever I spend time there.