Raising up Gears 3 and 4



The other day we reached the point where 2 more gears got mounted onto the statue. With the gantry crane and a helping hand from a friend, it went like clockwork, and was one of the easiest things we have done in the project thus far.




Onto the Gantry

This weekend, we got our 1 Ton gantry home and set up. This meant the time had come to roll that 1,000 lb base off the trailer and into workspace.  The gantry and hoist allowed us to control the roll of the base down the trailer ramp to the ground

That “Nan, Nan!” at the end turned out not to be too serious- merely the fact that the brand new steel wheels on the gantry were not gettig a good grip on the blacktop drive and the entire gantry was sliding forward… oops.  I quickly grabbed it, got re-positioned where i could act as an added break, and the offloading continued:

That is our neighbor Bill, a retired Chrysler worker, who is pitching in with some of the heavy lifting on days when Nan’s body does not cooperate.

Soon enough, we had all wheels down on the ground and safely ready for the next phase of the adventure: