Check your Ego and Execute- Ryan Cox

Earlier this week, Ryan Cox was featured on The Daily Dose as an Indiana Innovator. I talked to him about the process of innovation and idea generation for StartUp companies.   There were more gems in the interview that we could not use on The Daily Dose, and the following on the importance of Execution and Ego Checking is a segment that deserves to be shared- enjoy!

A Funny Kind of Brotherhood

We were standing out in the back lot of RadioRadio, and Peter Rinaldi was keeping an eye on the generator repair on the oneEskimO tour bus to see if the power was going to be back on. “We have been back and forth across the country several times during this past year of being here”, he explained, “and we have started to figure out places we like to be or go in each city- including where the Whole Foods stores are. We just went shopping this afternoon and got food to last us the next couple of days- and now the generator went out.” This happened to them at least once before, and they lost the entire contents of the tour bus fridge, so he was relieved when their driver was able to make repairs. ( Guys, I am starting to think that you could cut a product placement deal with Whole Foods- an onstage thanks for feeding us and a link from your website… for free or reduced price groceries along the road…Heck, maybe even a record signing in a Whole Foods store?? ;-0 )

Peter returned back to my question. After reading their blog entry on the origin of encores, and knowing that in some part of their brain they thought they were silly, I wondered how and when they decided to go back on for an encore as they had tonight. “We don’t often do encores, but when we do it is different every time- then you have to wonder, did we wait too long– have they [the audience] lost interest? do they really want an encore or are they just being polite?”. I for one, was glad they had done the encore tonight… I was just not ready for the dreamy trip that the concert had been to be over.