One Eskimo Frenzy

I have to be honest, I had never heard of One Eskimo when I got the offer to review their album for One2One. But I clicked through the link, watched the “Kandi” video and was intrigued. Then they gave away Mother’s Day Downloads of “Amazing” for free. That was the song that hooked me. I like it so much, on a whim I sent one to my mom as well. She is no spring chicken, but immediately asked for more. When the album got here, it got downloaded onto the household music center iPod, and my teenaged daughters have been grooving on it as well. A three generational crowd pleaser is always a hit in my books!. A light pop/soul blend ( ‘it’s kinda 70’s’, my mom said) this is a great pick me up, but has lyrics that are way more than bubblegum. I love this TV Guide interview ( ugh.. TV Guide,sorry) where they talk about the passion for writing music and how they mix audio and visual into an experience. if you are lucky enough to see them live this summer when they tour, please please share and let us know if it is as cool as it sounds ( besides, who can resist that gorgeous British accent?? 😉 )

You can still get a free copy of Astronauts by sharing a Tweet: Free Download of “Astronauts” via Twitter:, or just check out their YouTube channel and if you want to join us in the groove- splurge for the deluxe version of the album on iTunes.

I have to run into the city tomorrow with my daughter and this album will absolutely be on the playlist. OneEskimo will stay one of my summer fav’s for 2010.

“Inspired by sex dreams…..”

I admit it, as soon as I heard Brandi Carlile say that her new song Dreams was inspired by sex dreams, I was hooked in. Luckily, the music is great and I have stayed around just for the fun. I got lucky and the One2One network got me a free download of her entire album. I liked it so much, I turned around a bought a copy for a friend as soon as it was available.

True Confessions? I am a die hard Melissa Ethridge and Indigo Girls fan. ( kill me, I am already over it) As such, I was doomed to love this album. In “Looking Out“, the rocking beat pushed hard and adds to the desperation and ache that echoes in her voice while she belts out lyrics like: “I’ve got a new interpretation and it’s a better point of view… you were looking out for a landslide and I was looking out for you…” …. “I close my eyes and think of you, I take a step , I think of you, I catch my breathe – I think of you….” “when you are outside looking in, you belong to someone”…. This contrasts with the quiet vocals ( almost a yodel in some places) accompanied by ukele in “Oh Dear” “It’s only you that my heart desires, only you alone that can break my fall…”. Then of course there is “Dreams”, not quite folk, not quite country, not quite rock but 100% wonderful. “I keep it to myself, I don’t know what it means- I can’t argue with dreams– I have dreams”. If you have any love in your life for a female folk rocker type of musician, this is a must listen, must own album.