The base comes home….

We got the call that we could come and pick up the base from Stephen’s Machine, and were filled with a mix of excitement and nervousness. Nan had been sick for days, battling some odd  virus, so Dave prepped and organized for transport. Luckily we got a fever reprieve window to record our baby coming home, and although it had the potential to be catastrophic in Dave’s mind, all of his prep and the professionals at Stephen’s meant that it went smoothly and easily.

There were two goals for the morning.  First, of course, bring her home. Second, create the base template.  While forklifts were going to have the half ton base lifted and moving, this was the perfect chance to set her on plywood and create a template of the base for the site prep crew, allowing them a model for where to drill holes, rather than relying on measurements alone.

Before we even started with the  transfer into Maynard ( our trailer), Dave worked with the crew at Stephen’s to get the template drawn.

Then, it was time for the transfer. It went quickly and painlessly. The little cart you see her being transferred onto in the trailer is the one Dave and his dad were building when he learned some new technique lessons.

You don’t just toss a thousand pounds of  stainless steel love in the back of your trailer and drive off,  it needs to be blocked and braced and locked into place.

IMG_3388In case you did not get a good look at the current state of the base with all the movement in the videos, here is a static shot.  A few days of polishing and she will be glistening.

This weekend will be the non-fork truck unloading of the base at home , and installation of the gantry to start with the piecing of the parts.  There has also been incredible hours of polishing this week, so more sneak peaks at the progress on the gears- stay tuned!


Site Survey….

SiteMeasurementsToday became the start of  a huge adventure for the Cogbots crew. We have been granted the commission to make the new fountain statue for City Hall in the City of Kokomo, and it was time for a site survey.  A bit of measuring, and lots of hands and eyeballs on the site where a new stack of steel gears will be installed.

As you can see, the site has a slight gradient, so part of today’s mission was to  measure the grade and come up with a plan for the best way to ensure that the statue will end up level despite the slight drop. If we did not properly level the base, the statue would end up leaning 4 inches out of kilter at the top of it’s 8 ft height.

We were also looking at the arrangement of the base to the building and to prospective light, since we want to get the stained glass effect from the Kokomo Opalescent Glass Inserts as much as possible.
An interesting lesson we learned with the Infernal Device installation is that any public art is just that– very public.
First Site VisitorToday, even though all we did was step across the construction blockade, take some measurements and some pictures, we had our first visitor. Happily, he was excited about the project and is looking forward to coming back as we progress. We look forward to having him and anyone else local stopping by and chatting when you see us on site.