The perfect September Sandwich

School may be back in session, but the recent soaring temperatures have been reminding us that the calendar says it is still summer. If you want a reminder of your carefree summer days, try this perfect September Sandwich for lunch or dinner.

Start with a light flavored but full bodied bread. You will most likely want something with a thin or a soft crust. You could try anything from a lightly toasted English muffin ( for a small snack) to a slice of Tuscan loaf, a slice of fresh sourdough or even a sweet Italian.

Thinly slice a fresh red tomato and layer on the bread. Cover the tomato with fresh basil leaves, then layer that with thinly sliced fresh yellow tomato. Top off the sandwich with fresh mozzarella medallions, then very very very lightly drizzly with olive oil and salt and pepper to taste. I like lots of freshly ground pepper and a light dusting of sea salt, but handle this as your tastes desire.

Be sure to grab a hand towel, this one can get messy to eat, but the taste is divine.

While you are enjoying your meal, have a quick visit with my new friend and remember.. Spore is coming. If you will be downloading and playing this game on Sunday, leave me a comment.

Spore!! September will be a very good month

If the preliminary screenshots and movies are any indication, Will Wright’s latest new venture, Spore, will be something that changes how people look at and play simulation PC games. Literally years in the making, I am hoping that the architecture and game play of the product have evolved with web technologies. This boils down to me having my fingers crossed that once you get to the Tribal stage, you will actually be able to play online against other players. Imagine taking the Sims, crossing it with Second Life and WoW, then adding in a dose of Evolutionary Biology and the evolution of civilizations. All that on top of amazing graphics makes this the first PC Game I have looked forward to or planned on buying in years.