Earlier in the season, we were waiting for Seedocide, but it is looking like it will not happen, after all.  For the majority of the tomato seedlings, we have made it past the cotyledon stage  and well into “real” leaves.  For plants, this is even more significant than when baby teeth are lost and adult teeth grow in.

Over the weekend, I took the growing and leggy tomato seedlings and planted them deep. The seedlings had hit about 4 inches tall and were waving in the breeze, desperately rooted in the little spouting pellets of soil.

I collected random small containers about 6 inches tall and transplanted the seedlings ( pellets and all) so that all but the upper leaves are snug in some transplant soil. Tomatoes will gladly sprout roots from any part of their stem buried underground. This will give the plants an even stronger start.

Now all I need is for the rain to stop, so I can get them out in some real sun again.

The perfect September Sandwich

School may be back in session, but the recent soaring temperatures have been reminding us that the calendar says it is still summer. If you want a reminder of your carefree summer days, try this perfect September Sandwich for lunch or dinner.

Start with a light flavored but full bodied bread. You will most likely want something with a thin or a soft crust. You could try anything from a lightly toasted English muffin ( for a small snack) to a slice of Tuscan loaf, a slice of fresh sourdough or even a sweet Italian.

Thinly slice a fresh red tomato and layer on the bread. Cover the tomato with fresh basil leaves, then layer that with thinly sliced fresh yellow tomato. Top off the sandwich with fresh mozzarella medallions, then very very very lightly drizzly with olive oil and salt and pepper to taste. I like lots of freshly ground pepper and a light dusting of sea salt, but handle this as your tastes desire.

Be sure to grab a hand towel, this one can get messy to eat, but the taste is divine.

While you are enjoying your meal, have a quick visit with my new friend and remember.. Spore is coming. If you will be downloading and playing this game on Sunday, leave me a comment.


I picked tomatoes over lunch on TwitPic

It is the time of year when the harvest of vegies makes you feel like you could eat forever and still have food. It has been weeks since I have been to the grocery, but it is only today when I finally feel like I need to go pick up some bread and milk and odds and ends.

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As I write this, the roma tomatoes are on the stove, simmering into a mess that will become tomatoe/spaghetti sauce and the rest of the tomatoes await canning tomorrow. Some will get canned plain, but some will become cilantro tomatoes for a summer delight later when the snow is piled high.

Tomorrow will be a busy day, there is swiss chard and kale to pick and freeze, pickles to be made and late summer seeds to be sown… now all we need is just a bit of rain…