Wierder than you even imagined

I recently got tagged by WickedWriter, a twitter friend, to share seven weird and possibly unknown things about myself. Since I chatter a LOT on twitter and share random bits of my life, I am digging deep to find the truly odd bits of my soul.

1. I can not stand peely bits. It does not matter if it is on my body ( peeling nail polish, peeling sunburn) on someone else’s body or just a bit of peeling paint on a wall. If I see something starting to peel, I feel compelled to work at it. Ogre, on the other hand, HATES to be peeled, so when he gets sunburned in the summer, it takes all my will power not to sit and tear off those tiny bits of skin. ( grossed out yet?)

2. I have Hashimoto’s Disease. This is probably not as weird as you might think. Hashimoto’s is a thyriod auto-immune disorder. It amazes me how many people I meet who have this or some other thyroid disorder. As long as I take my artificial thyroid hormones every day.. no big deal at all.

3. Sugar and I do not get along well. I am not diabteic,hypergylcemic or hypoglycemic, I just have a hyper reactive insulin response. I apparently release a lot when I eat sugar and then I react to it strongly. Best thing? Avoid foods with more than 10g simple carbs. Worst thing? I have an insane sweet tooth and when I get stressed, this is an immense craving. Some days I win, some days I lose.

4. I love clean floors and a freshly made bed. I am horrible about dusting, but I it makes me all excited to get down on my knees and scrub a floor.

5. I never use a dishwasher and wash my clothes on the line at every chance I get. In a crazy, hectic, gadget driven life I find those small opportunities to slow down and do something by hand are a great opportunity to just breathe and center and clear my thoughts.

6. I think best on the move. It is rare for me to sit through a conference call, I am usually up, walking around the house. If I get my body moving, it energizes my thoughts. The ability to do this may have ruined me for working in a cramped office ever again. I blame this on the fact that I grew up in “open space” schools in elementary and middle school and was never forced to sit in a chair at a desk for very long. Contrary to this, I also problem solve in my sleep. When I am really stuck, I lay down and take a nap. I almost always have a new line of thought or a solution when I wake up.

7. I love grocery shopping. Some days I go to relax, even if I do not really need anything. I love walking through the store, seeing all the possibilities, experimenting in my head with new combinations of ingredients, checking out what is new and interesting. The only thing better than a grocery store is the Farmer’s Market in the summer. I am religious about going to the Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning.

So, now seven more people who I am sure have oddities they have not yet divulged: