My Integrated Life

My to do list for this week is a good indication of the strange and twisted integration of all the facets of my life. I have entered a time when there is no real separation of home, work and personal.

Here is what I need to get done this week:

Management approval of new IT_FMEA templates
Management agreement consensus across teams for Corporate Diagnostic and Traceability Use Case standards
Prep presenter for D&T Overview they are doing on my behalf next week
Build slide deck and do initial management presentation on Workplace of the Future
Complete ROMs for two international projects
Edit 2 chapters for MESA Lean Guidebook
Write my section of third chapter for MESA lean guidebook
Attend funeral Monday night
get stepsons haircuts ( wed afternoon)
get my haircut( friday night)
pack and organize family of 4 for week long vacation that starts Sat am
continue picking and freezing vegies as they come ripe
plant late summer veggies ( radishes, turnips, snow peas, spinach and lettuce)
get oil changed in my van
clean van for trip
laundry ( just a forever process in this household….)
Blog at least twice ( this counts as one at this rate….)
return library books
find Ogre a second pair of swim trunks to take to the ocean
three discovery meetings/workshops for Warranty analysis system requirements with the business.
get everyone here prepped for oldest daughter’s birthday which in sunday while we are on vacation.
pick up gift card for daughter my mom has requested
deep technical dive into possible new MOM application for corporate install.
review JCAPS to SAP integration and get up to speed on new MDM included with JCAPS released a month ago.
do next steps of organization/planning/promotion for GenCOn KickassKickoff party on Aug 13
do round two of graphical reviews for
catch up with my backlog of messages on

how does your week look??