It’s a weird, weird world

After getting the kids off to school this morning, I was hit with the “alien beast trying to claw its way free from my stomach” bug. I crawled back into bed for a while and tried to sleep through the cramps and fun pain, then eventually crawled back over to my computer. What I found in my feeds when I got back up was enough to make me want to crawl back into bed again. One or two of these would not be so strange, but back to back to back??? Time for a world-wide reset button.

Here is a synopsis:

Stellar parenting:

Man Throws 4 children off bridge, because of fight with wife

4 decomposing children’s bodies found in home- no one even knows whose kids they are yet.

Local Tragedy:

Rochester Indiana is about 45 minutes north of my house, and although we are a bit soggy, there are places very close by where the flooding is very bad. I can not imagine being able to save 3 kids and then getting stuck…sitting on top of an SUV and knowing 2 other children were drowning inside.

Whackos take it out on themselves:

Man cuts off his hand, fearing eternal damnation.

I am just considering going back to bed at this point and hoping the news looks better when I wake up.

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