It’s a guy thing… sorta….

I am not a fan of gender stereotypes, but there are a few that are safe generalizations. Channel hopping is a guy thing. I enjoy giving Ogre control of the clicker when he is home, I never know what is going to turn up on the TV. When I am home alone, or it is just us three girls, we avoid commercials by hitting “pause” and then fast forwarding through commercials. Ogre is more inventive and hops back and forth between channels, multitasking between shows. When he is watching BBC and a commercial comes on, he channel surfs and finds something else that interests him. The next half hour will be filled with the BBC and then on commercials, we will hop over to “How it’s made” or something of the sort. It was with great amusement this afternoon that I walked into the living room and found him channel hopping between…”How it’s made” and… “Bewitched”…..
You have to love a guy like that.

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