It shouldn’t be funny

I know that this news article about a scrub python swallowing the family dog should be completely sad and make me feel for the kids in a strongly protective maternal way, but it has been a sick and twisted sort of week so far, and I have to admit- it made me laugh a little.

Sure, yes, I feel bad for the poor kids who lost their pet terrier/chihuahua mix. I would not wish that event on any child or any human anywhere. Honestly. But that smile that crept on my face as I pictured the poor animal control guy coming to the house to capture the snake with the dog half hanging out of the snake’s jaws and shaking his head because the whole thing could have been prevented… the very definition of Schadenfraude right there.

The fact that CNN had to add a video showing the Lump in the snake, says way too much about human nature right now.

Hey, don’t hate the snake.. it was just hungry.

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