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My eldest daughter has been doing developing this year and nicely rounded out curves. This has made bathing suit shopping in local stores challenging.. she really needs a medium bottom and an XL top. As a result, we spent a bunch of time looking and shopping online. We finally found a company called Blue Sky Swimwear that had cute suits, with separately order-able pieces, where we could get a suit for under 50$ for her. The suit came quickly, but unfortunately, even though we looked at lots of suits before picking this one, she was not happy with the fit ( I should have known… who ever buys the first suit you put on your body??). It came yesterday, she tried it on last night after band camp and I tried calling them last night. Even though their recorded message said that customer service was open until 9pm, at 8:30pm I was not getting a human. I was nervous. I was convinced that we had found one of those scary internet stores and I started looking around for other options.

Today, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I could not have been more wrong.
We originally bought the swimsuit to be returned on sale, knowing that that meant exchange or store credit only… not full return. That was OK, we were confident we could find something that looked great. But their policy said that I had to return the existing swim suit to them before ordering the new one in order to get an exchange credit. Today is Wednesday, even if I got to the post office today, overnight shipped the return, let them process it and ordered, there was NO way we were getting the new suit back by Friday. Add on top of that that I was solid packed with meetings until 6pm today and I was doomed.

But Linda, excellent store owner and service provider that she is, merely marked my account for credit approved and we ordered the replacement for delivery on Friday. I will ship out the return tomorrow, regular shipping to save the fees and when they receive it, they will credit my account. Wow.. customer service who actually works with you and understands that sometimes, for 17 year old body conscious females, exceptions must be made.

You can be sure we will do more shopping with them.

3 thoughts on “Customer Service that Shines

  1. I tried following your link from Twitter earlier… and Blue Sky Swimwear is blocked by our Websense.Yikes! Hope I’m not racking up IT Demerits…

  2. most IT security guys are pretty tolerant- unless you are hitting hard core porn or really offensive stuff. Or if this happens many may times a day, which shows you not focusing on work. Is blocked where you work? Wondering if it is shopping sites they are having an issue with, or all the images of hot chicks in bikinis that got considered offensive….

  3. No, I can hit Amazon.What I *can’t* hit are those hot chicks in bikinis from that site… (pun intended.)

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