Amazon Rocks it

I continue to be enamored with the amazon MP3 store. The music is all DRM free, their downloader automatically loads it into iTunes for me ( which I shouldn’t love, but honestly? I do), and the prices are generally lower than the iTunes store. This morning I was poking around and found the kicker that makes me completely infatuated. They have over the top offerings of free music. You have to poke around a little to find, it.. but not too much. Every music service out there offers free music ( heck, on AmieStreet it all starts for free). But right now, Amazon has over 3,000 free songs. That is not a decimal shifted typo– 3,000!!. And it is not all new breaking bands that are badly produced. I just spent 10 minutes out there and downloaded 150 songs. I got Lena Horne, Benny Goodman, and Billie Holiday. There is even Ted Nugent, Hermans Hermits, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, and the Bee Gees (ok, admit it, you would not BUY the BeeGees, but you would listen to it if you could get it for free.. you know you would)
I have not even started to wade through all 3,000+ songs currently available, so go and muddle through and leave a comment with a gem that you found, so I can download it too.

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