Truth in advertising

I am sitting here in a Hotel in Orlando typing this.
Yep, some of you have traveled before-I can hear the empathetic breathe draws and see the shaking heads as you remember trips when your hotel connectivity sucked. Even better, I am plugged into the wire on the desk, I am not even using their wireless access.
There is no doubt that the task of designing and scaling shared hotel access is challenging- but there should be some truth in advertising. In this day and age, how can anyone call this “High Speed Internet Access” and get away with it? I left Comcast for better performance than this.
Just as food must follow certain guidelines in order to call itself “low fat”,internet connectivity should have a certain throughput at peak usage in able to be able to be labeled “high speed”. I am beginning to think there needs to be a “geek’s guide to hotels” published and maintained.
What do you define as “high speed” when it comes to connectivity?? What scale would you rate hotels on given the chance?

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