Holiday spirit running rampant FTW!!!!!

Best EDIT EVAH: I DID win the contest. OMG. Chris Pirillo and his team did the unthinkable, huge task of peeling down IPs and eliminating duplicate entries…. and I WON. I so could not have done this without the power of my friends in real life, my facebook contacts, but most of all my Tweeps. The people I network with regularly on Twitter jumped in and made magic come true to push this over the top. Don’t ever discount that small networking connection you make… there is power in giving and it can come back to you in amazing ways. Living proof, right here!!

Edit: I want to note that two things have happened since I wrote this post.
1)Since I did not win this contest, I am trying my hand at another.. on the Living in Theory Blog. I am referencing this post to answer the “what would you do with these computers” part of the contest, as that is only a small part of the contest… the most important is a discussion of how we are all working to change or improve our world. I encourage you to follow through the Living in Theory link to read some amazing, inspirational stories.
2) It has come to my attention that the local preschool at our YMCA ( which both of my kids spent some time at) is really struggling. Much of their extra funding comes from United Way funds, and most of the United Way money comes from donations in the community. In a community where the two largest employers are related to the auto industry, it is probably no surprise that donations are down. Our old PC would be perfect for preschool education, and I am excited thinking about having the opportunity to donate it to them.
( end edit)

HP has stirred up a lot of energy and enthusiasm with their HP Magic contest. 50 blogs around the blogosphere were chosen to be able to give away amazing prize packages. The prize includes more than one computer, with the intent that the winner will “share the magic”. Each blog owner gets to set their own rules and requirements (within reason) and so many different niche groups are being reached. I am impressed with HP’s savvy on this.. by allowing themselves to give up some of the control, they will reach a wider audience with less work effort on their part. Seems like a win/win situation in all cases.
Never one to pass on the opportunity to share some joy,I pondered who I would share computers with and decided to enter a couple of contests. Most of the contests are “impress me with your story” or “random drawing” type entries. I encourage you to go to HP’s website and find a few to enter yourself- everyone knows some person or organization who could really benefit from a new computer.
Chris Pirillo’s contest is working a little differently. Since his website is about getting people to guest blog and write interesting articles to share, he is having folks write an article, then the article with the most comments wins.
This means I need your help. I know there is nothing in it for you, except the joy of knowing that you really helped someone out. I will, of course, do follow up articles, pictures and videos so you can share in the moment when the gifts would be revealed.
What would happen with these?

1) My best friend has never owned a computer in his life. He struggled against rough times and a very rocky start early in his life and has turned things around amazingly. he works very hard as a part time mail man ( yep, even through midwest winters) to make ends meet, but he does has not gotten to a point of being able to buy his own. I would love to see him with his own laptop. The freedom of not having to “borrow” computer time from friends or at the library would mean the world to him.

2) My new inLaws are farmers. not big corporate farmers, but small, “trying to make ends meet and not let the debt get too much bigger this year” farmers. They do not have a computer either. They use a data line, but we know that if we get them a computer, not only will it save money by replacing the dtn, but it will give them so many other options for running the farm, managing the business and staying in touch with their grandchildren who are scattered across two states. We know once it is in their hands, they will never want to give it up.

3) my daughter who is a freshman in high school is really struggling with splitting her time between two households ( mine and her dads). I am hoping that having a small mini laptop that is completely hers no matter where she goes will give her some consistency that she is lacking. I had hoped to get her one for Christmas, but since we got the “temporary layoffs up to 13 weeks are imminent” letter from our employer last week, gifts of that scale are out of budget this year.

I will not lie, we would use the last computer to upgrade our family computer.. with my stepsons 3 hours away, having a family room replacement computer will make video conferencing with them much easier, and give us a place to gather for fun. It will even run Spore! ( the graphics card in our famliy room computer will not run it now). Our old computer will then be donated to a local charity to pass on even more love.

So what do I want from you? go read the article on cooking tips to eat well and save you money that I wrote. I think you will like it. Then make an intelligent comment. Simple thing you might have done anyway… and it will help out a bunch of other people!!

3 thoughts on “Holiday spirit running rampant FTW!!!!!

  1. Hope you win! I pimped out your piece on Myspace in a bulletin. With over 9k in friends hoping some will comment. When I get caught up I will sign up for Geeks, Looks like my type of crowd. Thanks for your help earlier today.I blog on here to at drop by anytime. I just pulled a lot of my traffic from Myspace back to blogger. Hoping to get more interaction again on here. Thx, AgainLogged in w/ diff profile but same blog.

  2. hi,I read your story, i hope things work out for your in laws and friends. Merry Christmas to you and your family

  3. I live in a town that was dependent on the auto industry for decades. Many say that it’s now a dying town because of that.Times are tough for everyone, getting even tougher for some. Good luck!

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