Proof that a teenager’s brain is disconnected from reality

( as if we needed proof)

Last evening, Sam was prepping for the HS Christmas Concert and we were casually talking. She looks over at me and says “I have figured something out”. I turned, waiting to hear what revelation had occurred to her this time.

“I really suck at music”
“music, I suck at it”.

This from the child who has been playing bassoon since 5th grade and the private instructor wants to get her hands on, but Sam does not want to work that hard.
This from the teen who, since you can not march with a bassoon, was handed mallets in June and by October was put in the front row of the pit, because she was excelling. Now, to be fair- she has played with percussion before, but not mallet.
This from the young lady who, since you do not play bassoon in the pep band, was handed a baritone, an instruction sheet and some sheet music. A week later, she was playing in pep band. With some fumbles, to be sure- but playing. From double reed to brass.

Yeah, she sucks at music.
Sam’s teen aged brain and reality? Just not connected in any discernible way.

1 thought on “Proof that a teenager’s brain is disconnected from reality

  1. Wow, seriously? I wish I was half as bad as she claims she is! 😉

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