Twitter Dream or TwitterMare?

The flow of information over on Twitter has become a raging torrent these days. This is not a bad thing. I love diving in and out of the information flow,playing tag with bits and pieces of conversations and news blurbs. As an information consumer, this pattern of Twitter usage feels comfortable and is not overwhelming in the least. I follow a little over a thousand people and for the most part just use the standard web interface.

From an information dissemination point of view, this becomes problematic. Although I have more than a thousand followers, no single tweet gets seen by all of my followers. With people dipping in and out of the river, only DMs or @s are persistent and will be seen by followers across time – other tweets flow past. To paraphrase Heraclitus , “you can not read the same Twitterstream twice”.

When I am asking a casual question such as “what is a famous brand of rootbeer“, or “ please recommend a web development company for non-profits“, then I am likely to get a small handful of answers and solve my dilemma. I do not need to reach all of my followers at once to get the information I need.

But if I am trying to use Twitter as a marketing tool for an event or a project, the number of my fllowers who will see ( and potentially re-tweet) my otice is small at any given point in time. Add to this the concept of twitter groups becoming more common, and how long before we see a mass Twitter tol that is a Marketer’s dream? More importantly, wil this tool be useful for the twitter masses as well, or will it become a twitterMare?
Here is the vision:
Log into a web page ( or use a desktop client) set up and config your groups.
Type in the 140 characters ( or less) of your message.
Select the group and click “updateGroup”
The twitter mass mailer will then auto @ your message to each of the members of the group. ( up to some groups size limit, due to API limitations…)

Do you see this as a potentially useful tool, or the next Magpie Tweetmare ? Tell me what you think.

2 thoughts on “Twitter Dream or TwitterMare?

  1. the nightmare has already

  2. Does that mean someone will have to develop an anti-spam tool? I can’t wait for the Twitterverse to be constantly spammed with cheap V14GR4, not. It wouldn’t take long to corrupt a great way of reaching large like-minded groups into something evil. Hmmm…you know what they say…if you can’t beat them, be the first…/ducks down into the evil lab.

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