That Tinkering mentality made me fall in love….

Ogre is a Tinkerer. One of the things that I love and respect about him is how he encourages, nurtures and develops that skill in other people. He has taught me how to be more fearless by refusing to accept my initial reservations. When someone puts a tool in your hands, gives you instruction and then just expects you to succeed, it is amazing what you can accomplish. I have learned that you do not have to be an expert to build great things (I was a self professed nail bending hammer incapable person-then I had a hammer put in my hand and I hammered in a LOT of the nails in that deck! ) – you just need to be willing to put in some elbow grease and try. What are you convinced that you are just not capable of and so are afraid to try? Write code? Hammer together some boards? Cook a dinner from scratch? Build a robot? Change the oil in your car? Go for it. Be a Tinkerer and be amazed at yourself. If you happen to already be a Tinkerer, be sure to encourage someone you love- especially your kids to try, get stuck, fail, rebuild and succeed. Don’t just do it for them. Don’t step in because they are angry or frustrated or ready to give up. Just let quietly, confidently, let them know that you are certain they are capable.

Still need more inspiration to get up and start something? Watch this great TED video on Tinkerer School.

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