Your Songs, My Songs, a trip down memory lane

I am apparently exactly the demographic being targeted in the latest Harry Connick, Jr musical collection ( album? CD? Download?) from the One2One network. I was very lucky to get a copy of the new set of songs to review and had a blast with it from the first play through. This is a set of songs that were fresh and new and popular as I was a kid growing up. Listening to this immediately flashes me back top a calmer, safer and more pleasant time– how can you not love that ? As a matter of fact, it reminded me so much of my childhood that I gave my free copy to my Dad as a part of his recent birthday celebration.

While Harry soars with “ All the way” and “Can’t help falling in love with you” and you can not help but sing along when he gets to “Besame Mucho“. I was not thrilled with his rendition of “Some Enchanted Evening”– but in fairness ever since I saw South Pacific as a child, no one but Rossano Brazzi is allowed to sing this song and have me like it. He was also just not quite right for “First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”– but it takes a strong take to overcome Roberta Flack in my mind. I would have ended the collection with “And I Love You So” instead of pushing on, but I am an incurable romantic.
It has been a couple of years since Harry has released anything other than Christmas music, and this sweet little album is a good plunge back into the waters. I will quietly qualify this by saying that I also recently picked up the new Michael Buble and that is currently showing as many plays in my iTunes library as Harry is– even though it came out a month or so later… if you have to pick just one retro dream album- go with the Buble. If picking up a couple works, I recommend them both.

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