3DS sneak peak

Just wanted to pop in and say that my new Nintendo 3DS came yesterday and is in my hot little hands…. I will be doing more reviews both here and on IndyGeek, for TheDailyDose.

As a sneak peak at my initial thoughts, I will let you know that I LOVE the 3D effect. No headaches, no eye aches and it is awesome. I especially love how they integrated both 3D and AR for the AR games. I certainly hope to see a bunch of little “app sized” games pop up ( haha.. get it??? ) for the platform.

In addition, I got Pilotwings,, Super Street Fighter IV and Ridge Racer 3DS , so look for reviews of those in the near future as well.
In the meantime, I have to go patch some plumbing, record a DaiilyDose and drive a kid to Indy. I am going to put the 3DS i the hands of my non-gaming daughter on the drive to Indy and see what happens 😉

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