Life as a Maker

The philosophy of living life as a maker is one we strongly embrace. Our house is filled with workspaces, tools, odd bits and pieces and a lot of creative/experimental freedom.  Our making happens in the yard, in the garden, in the kitchen, in the shop and in the office ( and most rooms in between). If you page through this blog, you will find many examples and samples. Everything from forge work, to gardening/canning, to fire play.

The fact that this conviction is core to our beliefs has driven me to my latest endeavor.

You may have heard there is a MakerFaire coming to Indiana Oct 1-2 this year. I am so excited about the possibilities in this, and so determined to make it successful, that I have volunteered as their Director of Social Media for the event.

I have launched a Facebook page for TekVenture ( the sponsors) and there will be lots of juicy maker information and inspirations there. We will also be starting some Maker conversations. Watch soon for this to grow over into Twitter, EmpireAve and other Social Venues. I am looking forward to reaching out to other regional makers and getting everyone else as fired up as I am. So get over to Facebook, like the page and get in on the discussion soon.

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