The Gnomes Revolt: Cthuluhu

In the time of the Dark Mysts, when the Elder Gods freely roamed the lands, they created the Gnomes for their entertainment. Simple, easy going, nature-loving folks, the Gnomes lived in the gardens, peacefully tending the flowers and plants, at one with nature. Occasionally, the Elder Gods would visit the garden, play amongst the Gnomes and Snack….

 The Gnomes, being simple, peaceful garden folk would occasionally notice one of their comrades was missing, but assumed that they merely wandered off to another garden- oblivious to the carnage in the dark.

Many of the Gnomes would play or lounge in the gardens, not even noticing that Elder Gods were near.



 This co-existance continued on for many eons, until some of the other creatures in the garden grew bored and restless.
 There was a demon in another garden who was particularly bored, and plotted ways to amuse himself. When a Gnome happened to wander into his garden, he took advantage of the situation by giving the gnome a book. Once he had taught the gnome to read, trouble was sure to follow.

When the gnome settled peacefully into his garden for a good read through his library, the Demon also endeavored to teach the Gnome magick. This was easier than you might imagine, as all things created by the Elder Gods have a small piece of the Gods within them, and thus a piece of their magick as welll. It became merely a matter of teaching the Gnome how to awaken his magick….

The Magick Gnome cast a spell, removing the illusions from the eyes of the Gnomes and letting them see the Elder Gods clearly. 

Soon Gods were startling the Gnomes everywhere they went. 

Chopping down a tree would reveal Cthulhu in the brush.

Exploring the garden alcoves, once a favorite pastime of the Gnomes, became fraught with fear. 

One day, A young Gnome hit Cthulhu with his slingshot. It bounced off and the small Gnome approached to retrieve the rock. 

Gnomes playing on a rope hanging from the Old Dogwood Tree were horrified to see the small Gnome sucked into the tentacles of the God. 

Gnomes quickly gathered, horrified, unsure what to do to save their compatriot, (there is really nothing that can be done, once a God decides you are dinner).

Frustrated and Distraught, one of the Gnomes made the ultimate symbol of displeasure. This so enraged Cthulhu that he continued snacking on Gnomes until none were left.  

Alone in the garden, Cthulhu surveyed the land. Realizing that there were no longer any Gnomes in sight, even in nearby gardens to wander over, He knew the time had come to move on and find a new garden….

Tomorrow morning, Cthulhu will be traveling to Origins in Ohio, looking for a new  home. Will he be able to find a garden of Gnomes and other tasty creatures ( chipmunks are quite tasty as well….)  in your yard?

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