We never finish Learning.

 Over 40 and and still learning….
I had one of those moments today where something really drove home the idea about what it means to learn and how we really never stop.
  As a kid growing up on a farm I learned so many things even though I hated most of the lessons.  Things like pulling nails from boards so they could be reused or welding up some scrap metal to solve a problem.  I reflected back to the day that my father handed me the stick welder and asked me to try.
As I grew up, I guess that I never stopped trying things or learning from my father and grand father.  I had to be reminded of it again today that learning is not always about the manual, its about watching, trying, asking, and communicating with others.
  The above picture is my father showing me a little better way to weld some tubing.  I was having some trouble with slag.

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