Sometimes you have to go “old school”…

IMG_3360Some people think clutter is just a mess, but I love creative clutter. Right now, our driveway and garage are the epitome of creative clutter. When you are building an 8ft tall, 2000 lb statue, you need a little elbow room. Since a large pole building is not yet a reality for us, the drive substitutes as a creative studio.

David Filing

Although a lot of the descaling and polishing can be done with Die Grinders and DA Power Sanders (that’s Dual Action – also known as “Orbital”), some of the gear sections are too small and require the old school approach.  It is back breaking, arm tiring, hot and sweaty work.

The video shows both filing and emory paper action, as well as Dave in action 😉  The big gear he is is working on in the photos and the video was inspired by this wooden gear we designed about 18 months ago:


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