An Evening Glow

The protective layer on Stainless Steel comes not just from lots of polishing, but also from an acid treatmentIMG_3604 ( Nitric Acid in our case) and then a following with a citric solution.   It has been so incredibly hot outside that in order to keep the acid effective, Dave has had to spritz it down with a little water occaisionally before finally washing it off.  This treatment is what creates the hard chromium layer on the Stainless Steel and helps to prevent corrosion.

it is a citric solution that the statue should be washed down with once a year to remove any residual crud that might build up from sticky hands and whatever is in the water evaporating off.

All of this is well worth the effort, in the evening light you can really see the reflective glow of the shiny surfaces contrasting with the shadows.

IMG_3616 IMG_3611 IMG_3608 IMG_3607

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