Meet and Greet at City Hall


Last night was First Friday in Downtown Kokomo, and the City arranged for a meet and greet for us in front of the new fountain. We were able to bring the top gear ( the only one not yet installed) and show off a large picture of the statue.  It was a fun evening, and gave us a chance to continue explaining why Kinetic Artists are making a piece that will not move…. 

The fountain is a zero retention fountain designed for folks to interact and walk through.. which means they will be walking right up to and touching  When the Earth Moves as well.  Small fingers getting stuck in moving one inch stainless steel gears would result in potential serious injury… so… no moving gears. 

IMG_3784People got it right away, and the response to the statue was overwhelmingly positive. And hey- with a fountain that calls to people this strongly, how can you not let them play in it?


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