How hard is 316 Stainless Steel?

IMG_3796During Pinning day Yesterday, Dave completely burned through 3 bits  in about 20 minutes.  Just a little bit dense…

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  1. Being in the industrial chemical industry, I have the privilege (or curse) of working with various stainless steels, usually 304 or 316. I have cooked a number of bits in the past also. I get the best results with a constant water flow on the bit and part being drilled. It also seems the bit gives up when the cutting slows down and the bit is allowed to spin and not cutting. Strong pressure on the drill seems counterintuitive but keeps the bit cutting. (I think when the bit spins without cutting you harden the steel and lose the temper in the bit). It doesn’t always work because Murphy is always around. A drill press works best but that, too, isn’t always possible. The ARTU drill bits (True Value/ACE) will drill through about anything if spun fast enough. (Drilling isn’t really the right term for these bits, as they really just grind or abrade a hole through a metal. They look like a masonary bit. They will easily drill through a file. Also sold in road shows as BAD Dog Bits). I know this is a day late and a dollar short. Good looking work!

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