‘Ello love

There are so many haters out there ranting on Ello right now, I thought I would do a short list of the things I am loving about it.

1.  New people, new discoveries, new creative inspiration. Sure, it is always nice to play with people you know in a new playground, but don’t you go to parties to meet new people? Examples of things I never would have found on my existing digital networks:

  1.  https://soundcloud.com/solarheavy/ellie-goulding-remix ( been background grooving all morning)
  2.  http://www.amazon.com/The-Black-Deep-Sea-Thriller-ebook/dp/B00NLWVMA6/ref=zg_bsnr_886086_4#  ( downloaded it to read on the plane tomorrow)
  3. http://food.nationalgeographic.com/  ( OMG. just OMG.. barely started  to dig through this)
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6aV-fUnb1M ( a little political thought and action)
  5. https://ello.co/tnpuig ( food porn)
  6. http://www.victorbezrukov.com/ ( I have a passion for black and white photography)
  7. http://aidanmoher.com/blog/featured-article/2013/05/we-have-always-fought-challenging-the-women-cattle-and-slaves-narrative-by-kameron-hurley/ ( nicely written thought piece)
  8. https://ello.co/broessel/post/2UwRH3uBL3f2GRZu19nhLg ( poem for your day)
  9. https://dribbble.com/shots/1743529-Spiky-lines ( new artist)
  10. http://scholarsandrogues.com/2014/09/28/peter-handke-the-nobel-prize-and-the-weight-of-the-world/ ( the kind of reading I need to do more of… slow down and take time to really think)

And that is just before lunch.

The great thrill of a new network? Finding new people, new creations, new thoughts, new inspiration, new ideas.  Stop worrying about how to find what you already new and make a little noise, a little splash.  Your friends will find you..

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