New Wine Glass Charm Sets

Sunday Mornings are a great time to spend at the workbench and this morning has yielded a few new sets of wine glass charms.  

I had fun putting together Garden Party.  I have been hoarding these vintage beads for a long time, slowly collecting a set.  This set of 5 flowers plus one lovely bead with an engraved bird seemed like the perfect grouping for a charm set of 6.  If you like to keep the feeling of spring and summer with you all year long, this one of a kind set is for you. 

Another playful set came out of some small glass beads I found in my collection.  I have a friend who has been making handmade marbles and posting them lately, and these reminded me a bit of a tiny version of his artistic creations.  I always feel like I have lost my marbles when I walk around in circles trying to find my drink.. so it all just sort of rolled together.  If you know someone who is a grownup who never lost their playful spirit, these are a perfect birthday or Christmas present. 

Most times, I make charm sets out of glass beads to keep the costs down.  I was lucky enough to get a supply of small fancy jasper and moss agate beads at a really reasonable price, and so I am making one unique set of charms of real stone beads.  If your friendships are rocky solid, you will want to celebrate by using these wine charms at your next get together.  You will never lose track of which glass is yours when they are marked with these small treasures. 

If your friends are gems, the kind that shine even through bad times, you will want to use this collection of fancy glass beads to mark your wine glasses the next time you gather. Just like your friends, each has its own personality, but they are all beautiful. 

Have a theme or inspiration you want a set designed for? Email me and we can brainstorm designs together.

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