She rolled down the windows, trying to keep the sound of the crashing waves within hearing range, as she drove in the opposite direction.

Back toward home…

back toward problems that needed to be sorted and solved.

But the week at the abandoned beach had done her well and she felt the inner calm radiating throughout her body– down to her painted and suntanned toe tips that pressed harder on the gas.

“It is amazing what a little seafoam can do to heal the soul”, she thought to herself as she turned the radio up and raced back into the fray. 

You can carry a bit of seafoam with you every day, with this handcrafted, one of a kind pendant.

  • Seafoam

    If you are a child of the ocean spirits, bring the essence of the sea with you on a chain. Round Green Jasper Pendant with Copper Wire Wrap.  
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