Her nerves were stirring up the butterflies in her gut as she drove toward the new assignment. 

She loved the freedom of working temp, choosing her hours and getting new assignments, but the first day always made her a little nervous. She jittered the bangles on her wrist, trying to settle, but it was not working.

Those first five minutes, when she walked in the door, were always so critical for setting the tone of the whole assignment.

She parked, took a deep breath, but left the power on. She swiped through her iPod, looking for the right song. There it was. She hit play, sat the iPod down and a smile snuck onto her face as the sounds of Love, Inc played at volume 8 through the Bluetooth speakers in the car.

She took another deep breath, and as the group reminded her she was a Superstar, she knew everything was going to be just fine.

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