“Your grandmother was an activist, you know…”  Mrs. Bailey cocked her head to one side and waited for me to respond. I just sat silently. 

“I have to admit that she might not understand what it is you are protesting….”  I sighed. Apparently,not under my breath like I had Intended. “But truth is, her parents and grandparents did not understand or agree when she took off to the south to march for equality, either. The important thing is not if she would agree with your stance, but that she would be proud of the fact that you are taking one….”

We carry generational values out into the world- and in every generation, the ripples are larger , travel farther and are more inclusive.   

What  are the values that you internalized from generations of your family, but you have re-interpreted to make the world a better place?

If you know someone who is making big ripples in the stream of humanity, this piece might speak to them. 

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