Yes, And…

“Yes, And…” – it is the classic learning tool for improvisation. You acknowledge what the other person has done (“Yes”), and then build on that to create something new (“And…”). Sometimes it is a variation on a theme, sometimes it is a branch in a brand new direction.

I love collaborative improv, I blame my mom and the silly improvs we would do while washing the dishes in the evening to amuse ourselves through the chore. About half of my custom commissions are collaborative improvizations that start with a message that goes something like ” I really love- insert name of piece here-, but...”.  

Some folks might take this as an affront or insult, but I see it as an opportunity for a new inspiration. The pendant to the left happened because someone loved a pair of earrings ( Djinn:, but wanted a pendant that would go with it to make a set for a special Christmas present. I did not have anything in stock, but we collaborated via cell phone pictures and text to settle on this design to complete the set.

This bracelet was designed because there was a teen daughter who loved Focus (, but it was too big for her. Her momma commissioned a custom version that used her favorite colors and would help her center her teen energies. I loved the challenge of designing something that she would love now, but would be something she can carry forward into her adult life.

These are just two examples of how “Yes, And….” led to new wearable art.

Is there something you almost love in the store, but would want slightly different? ( Different earring hook, different size, different colors, etc…).

Is there something you desperately love in the store and want an additional piece to complement it? ( earrings for a pendant or bracelet, a pendant to match some earrings?)

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me on our Facebook or Instagram pages, or just email with your improv cue.

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