A little rock bonding time

It is easiest to get a feel for a rock, slab, or cab if you spend a little time with it. In this age of COVID, that is challenging, so I am going to start doing more short ( 15 min or less) videos of a handful of rocks. This morning, it was slabs on the processing racks that were so interesting. I am also looking forward to doing some themed ( all agate slices, or all Bruneau jasper, the drawer of amethyst, etc..) where we can talk a bit about the rock itself in-depth, and then look at some of the specimens we have. As always, any slice or can you see in a video can become a custom order. if you love a slice, we can create custom cabs. You can stop there and buy the cab for your creative making, or take it a step further and we will design custom jewelry from the cab of the slice you pick out.

Even if you are not in a buying mood, I hope that this video series will give you some new information, or just expose you to some rocks you might not have seen before.

I am glad to entertain requests for certain rock types or themes, if you have something you really want to see- comment away.

Enjoy and be well.

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