Precious Pebbles – New Vendor in the store

Working together to align giant puzzle pieces.

One of our goals for 2019 is to make this web store a destination for Jewelry and Wearable Art lovers.

This means including a variety of styles and voices in the store, so that you have more choices and can discover more things you love with serendipity. While some people see every other jewelry maker as competition, we see them all as potential partners- brothers and sisters in a creative endeavour. Together, we all grow and inspire each other to reach new heights of creativity.

I am carefully reviewing potential vendors. All of them will be high quality. All of them will be handmade and not manufactured. Under those considerations, I am most pleased to announce that Precious Pebbles has agreed to be a vendor with us. If you are a lover of stones and semi-precious gems, you will love their wearable art.

Please take some time to peruse their initial offerings and welcome them to our little corner of the internet.